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Course Outline

1) Introduction To Mobile Apps
2) Introduction Android
3) Android Architecture
4) Deep Overview in Android Stack
5) Kernel and Framework
6) Installing Android Machine
7) Configuring Android Machine
8) Eclipse IDE
9) App Development
10) Debugging
11) Android Components
12) Hello World App
13) Emulator
14) Building UI
15) Advanced UI
16) Adapters
17) 12) Threading and Multithreading
18) Styles And Themes
19) Resources and Assets
20) Intent, Intent Filters
21) Broadcast and Receivers
22) Data Storage
23) Content Providers
25) Multimedia in Android
26) Location and Google Maps Editing
27) Location Customizing
28) Web Services
29) Sensors
30) WiFi
31) Telephony Services
32) Camera
33) Bluetooth
34) Android Application Deployment
35) Developing on different platforms and Execution

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android development Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an software or operating system, middleware and key applications. The training is to according to the industry requirements. Android is an software or operating system based on the Linux kernel, required middleware and some essential applications.

Android was founded or developed by the Android Incorporation. The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs to start or begin the developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.

Android can Run Multiple Applications at the Same Time. Android has also a customized display screen or home screen which keeps active or startup widgets right at your fingertips to start.

CertStore provides you the best training and environment to develop your own android based mobile applications. We have multiple certified instructors with a high experience from the industry.

android development

Android Development Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016 Android Development Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016 Android Development Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016 Android Development Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016 Android Development Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016

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