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Cloud Computing Workshop

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Course Outline

1 - Cloud Computing Concepts, Models and Terminology
Cloud Service Models
Cloud Delivery Models and Services
Cloud Characteristics and Terms
Object Storage Concepts

2 - Disk Storage Systems
Disk Types and Configurations
File System Types

3 - Storage Networking
Storage Technologies
Access Protocols and Applications
Storage Provisioning

4 - Network Infrastructure
Network Types
Network Optimization
Routing and Switching
Network Ports and Protocols

5 - Virtualization Components
Virtualization Host
Virtual Machine

6 - Virtualization and the Cloud
Benefits of Virtualization in a Cloud Environment
Virtual Resource Migrations
Migration Considerations

7 - Network Management
Resource Monitoring Techniques
Remote Access Tools

8 - Performance Tuning
Host Resource Allocation
Virtual Machine Resource Allocation
Optimizing Performance

9 - Systems Management
Policies and Procedures
Systems Management Best Practices

10 - Testing and Troubleshooting
Testing Techniques
Troubleshooting and Tools

11 - Security in the Cloud
Network Security: Best Practices
Data Security
Access Control Methods

12 - Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery Methods
High Availability

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cloud computing As more and more businesses shift their IT operations to cloud platforms, skills in cloud computing and virtualization have become a frequently required qualification for IT professionals. Adding CompTIA Cloud+ to your resume demonstrates your ability to implement and maintain cloud technologies and enables you to jump into a rapidly growing market:

9 out of 10 companies use some form of cloud technology. 60 percent of companies have 30 percent or more of their IT systems in the cloud.

cloud computing

Cloud and Computing Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016 Cloud and Computing Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016 Cloud and Computing Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016 Cloud and Computing Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016 Cloud and Computing Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016

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