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Online and Offlin Exam Delivery Solution

Cert Store Online and Offline Exam System

As being a Fastest growing and Leading IT Certification and Traning company, we also provide the facility to deliver your exam in a safe environment for small and large business organization. We have multiple facility and solution to deliver your exam such as;

Offline Exam System and solution: Dedicated, Interactive exam room and monitered by Professionals and Experts.
Online Exam System and solution: Interactive, Ease of access, dedicated online exam system and solution, online monitered by professionals.

CEH exam and training

Cert Store Online and Offline Exam System Benefits;

  •   Tention Free Testing/Exam
  •   Managed by Certified Professionals
  •   Hassale Free exam delivery
  •   100% Safe
  •   100% Secure
  •   Verification and Background checks
      24x7 Monitered and Recorded
      Affordable and Re-usable
      Awesome GUI
      Free for life time
      Exam code and exam voucher system
      Private and public access of exam
      Time and task based exam
      Multiple choice and challenges based questions
      Lab based exam system
      Exam result instantly
      Exam certificate and grade card
      and much more...

Free for small business

Our online and offline exam system is absolute free for small business or organizations.
Please request access at info@certstore.in with your company details.

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E-Mail: info@certstore.in