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Robotics iOT Workshop

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Introduction to the Internet of Things
The Internet of Things
The Basics of Sensors & Actuators
Introduction to Cloud Computing

The Arduino/ Raspberry Pi Platform
Arduino/ Raspberry Pi Basics
Arduino/ Raspberry Pi Board Layout & Architecture

Reading from Sensors
Programming fundamentals ( C language )

Arduino/ Raspberry Pi Programming & Interface of Sensors
Interfacing sensors with Arduino/ Raspberry Pi
Programming Arduino/ Raspberry Pi
Reading from Sensors

Hands on : Simple LED Program for Arduino/ Raspberry Pi
Hands on : Integrating Sensors & Reading Sensor Value.
Hands on : Reading Environmental Values on Android Smartphone.

Day 2

Hands on : Tweet any thing using your IoT Device.
Connecting WiFi Module with Arduino/ Raspberry Pi
Creating App on Twitter
Integrating Arduio to talk to Twitter via Internet

Hands on: Control Lights , Fan (Yes real ones) by sending a SMS from your phone or a tweet.
Communicating with the Cloud using Web Services.

Hands on : Whatsapp
Enabling your IoT Device to use Whatsapp
Creating Whatsapp App on your Device.
Whoppiee..Start using

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robotics iotThis is a Certified IOT (Internet of Things) C|RD Workshop Training Program designed to meet Industry Requirements and help in career and placements.

It introduces you to the world of Robotics, Hardware Hacking, Raspberry Pi, Quadrotors, Sixth Sense Technology, Cloud Computing, Arduino and 3D Printing, World of Internet and much more with more practicals.

robotics iot

Robotics iOT Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016 Robotics iOT Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016 Robotics iOT Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016 Robotics iOT Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016 Robotics iOT Workshop   |   30 Jun, 2016

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